Cell Membranes & PlaqX Forte

What are cell membranes and PlaqX Forte?


The Support Your Cell Needs

PlaqX Forte is formulated as a composition of phospholipids, cholic, chenodeoxycholic acids, and other components naturally found in the body.

PlaqX Forte contains major components of cell membranes, which carry out specific functions for the plasma membrane, including allowing selective admission of molecules and cell-cell recognition.

Human cell walls are made of:

Phosphatidylcholine ~ 50%
Phosphatidylserine ~ 10%-20%
Phosphatidylethanolamine ~ 20%-40%
Sphingomyelin ~ 10%

Phospholipids form bilayer membranes, which contain proteins and LDL cholesterol. These substances help to maintain the structure of the cell wall and allows the exchange of substances in and out of the cells.



PlaqX Forte For Your Cellular Membrane

Cells can suffer damage from a variety of factors, including free radicals and toxic substances. These factors affect the integrity and surface tension of the cell structure and can cause LDL cholesterol to be thrown out of the membrane. This would result in an elevated LDL cholesterol level in the blood system.

When cell damage is substantial and the body needs more phosphatidylcholine than it could synthesize, scar tissue would replace the damage. This leads to plaques forming inside the blood vessels.

Cells also experience deterioration due to the changing and degradation of lipid ratios and structure. The weakening of cell structure leads to loss of youthful elasticity, shape and function, including its ability to effectively admit nourishment into or purge waste from the cell. Over time, the cell slowly degrades into a non-functioning fallow cell resulting in interconnecting cells, tissues and organs to prematurely fail.  With non-functioning cells, age related ailments become a concern.

Supplementing your system with phosphatidylcholine helps your cells to restore their structure, function and efficacy. LAB RMS PlaqX Forte is your formula to great health.

The solution is supplementing your body with PlaqX Forte to repair and restore your cellular health



How PlaqX Forte Can Help You

PlaqX Forte supplements cell membranes with phospholipids, reintegrating excess LDL cholesterol into the membrane with the effect of normalizing your LDL cholesterol level.

PlaqX Forte also helps to bind LDL cholesterol that has been oxidized by free radicals to micelles, and transport it to the liver where it is metabolized or excreted with gall fluid.  This improves the viscosity and flow of the blood, as well as improving the entire capillary net.


Age Defying

PlaqX Forte therapy clears plaque in the arteries for a remarkable anti-aging effect. Damages to skin cells and blood vessels are reversed along with liver deterioration and diseases, ultimately slowing the aging process and preventing age-related conditions.



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